A/L FFS ROLL BAG or A/L Peace Bag


Product Features and Applications

We have contributed to the significant cost savings and productivity improvement of the users through our own manufacturing supply of products developed by the company for the first time in Asia and relied solely on imports for products.

1 and 2 PLY products are available. Our dedicated A/L FFS BAG processing system is equipped with mass production systems to produce quality products.

We are currently supplying A/L FFS ROLL BAG to BASF KOREA, SOLVAY KOREA and others. We can also supply Piece Bags.



Product Features and Applications

Through close consultation with the manufacturers and users of stretch hooded machinery, we develop stretch hood packaging film and provide it to leading companies in various fields including chemicals, construction materials, and beverages.

  • ⊙ Excellent film performance (high tear and puncture resistance and holding force)
  • ⊙ Reduces cost (less material consumption, energy, maintenance cost) and ecological
  • ⊙ Max thickness 180μ+,maxwidth 2,200mm(Gusset Depth 500mm) available.
  • ⊙ Customized qualities to meet various modern stretch hood machine and packaging condition


Product Features and Applications

The product is needed by the user (products such as petrochemicals and chemical fertilizers) who package synthetic resins and fertilizers. This product supplies ROLLized packaging to the automatic packaging M/C for cutting, charging, and sealing.

Although processes such as side printing and side M printing are more complex and difficult than normal PE BAG, we produce and supply the highest-quality products through our technology development and are recognized for our technical skills.

In particular, multi-layered FFS ROLL BAG is also available.



Product Specification (multilayer film production possible)
Product thickness (mm) Vinyl width (m / m) GUSSET(m/m) ROLL Length(M) Use Resin
0.08~0.30 350~850 30~150 100~4000 LDPE, LLDPE, EVA etc..


Product Features and Applications

Our products are multi-layer films that use LD andLLD raw materials as main materials. By increasing tensile and tear strength by 15 to 25 percent, the failure rate of rupture is significantly lower than that of third-party products of the same standard.

This can be done only with our own special technology.

In addition, the company has stable printing technology for up to 8°C by introducing color-cone machines when printing packages.

In addition, the multi-layered FILM can be manufactured with different internal and external colors, or anti-tanker treatment on the inside, and NON-SLIP processing on the outside.



Product Specification
Product thickness (mm) Vinyl width (m / m) GUSSET(m/m) ROLL Length(M) Use Resin
0/10~0.25 350~650 400~1000 1 to 6 degrees before and after LDPE, LLDPE


Product Features and Applications

This product developed FILM which can realize various functions by putting different RESIN and additive into inner layer, outer layer and middle layer, and developed FILM for self-adhesive FILM, HOT MELT, P.P + self-adhesive FILM, FILM for tube(thickness : 350μ, Width : up to 2200cm) ,NYLON + HOTMELT FILM, NYLON + LLD FILM, LIFT FILM.

We can supply various functional films. SA (Self-Adhesive) film, hot melt film, PP + SA film, film for tube. (Thickness up to 380μ + width up to 2200cm), nylon + hot melt film, nylon + Lld Various resins and toxic substances are injected into the film inside / outside / middle layer to provide necessary functions.




Product Features and Applications

Our PE film is widely known for its accurate thickness, excellent quality and physical properties.

We produce the film according to the customer needs.

Our product has excellent production staff and high quality raw materials, so the transparency and physical properties

of film are superior to those of other companies.


Thickness : 25µm~380µm

Width : 450mm~2100mm



Product Type and Usage
Products Applications
General Clear LLDPE FILM Packaging for food and maskpack.
White LLDPE FILM Packaging for food and wet tissue.
Octene LLDPE FILM High-strength packaging such as liquid sauce is required.
Label for PE FILM Use as a label material for various food containers and makeupcontainers.

Special Film


Product Features and Applications

We produce and deliver polyester hotmelt film , nylon film , TPU film with the best technology and strict quality management.





Types and characteristics of products
Products Characteristic Applications
Polyester Hotmelt Film Low temperature heat sealing Resistance to laundering Excellent flexibility and Wrinkle resistance Polyester hotmelt film is used in various industrial filds, such as shoes , apparel , outdoor. Excellent adhesion only by heat and does not using a solvent so that is envirnoment friendly adhesive film.
Nylon Film Thermal resistance Waterproofness Automobile : Dashboard, Floor Mat The car interior material which reduce noise that flows engin room into inside of the car by using absorption and insulation of sound as the characteristics of the material.
(Thermoplastic Polyurethane FILM)
Anti-abrasion Excellent elasticity and flexibility Cold-resistance Automobile : Headrest , Arm Rest, Sound-absorbing materials.
Shoes , apparel : water-proof zipper , outdoor
Seam sealing tape , various industrial film